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We provide our customers with a variety of shapes, types as well as a wide range of colours of window handles . In addition, a handle can be equipped with a key or a button . Handles are available in the following colours: white , brown and gold.

The grip part of the handle is made of aluminum, magnesium as well as plastic.

Standard handle - White, gold, brown

Push-button handle - White, gold, brown

Handle with key - White, gold, brown

double-sided with plate
for Avantgarde 7000, brown

double-sided with plate
for Avantgarde 7000, white

Available colours:

golden oak



chocolate brown

dark oak

light grey

dark grey

Humidity controlled air inlet (ventilation)

Simple and effective solution

The most popular of all controlled air inlets . It is available in two types of iar flow and three different colours. Aesthetic design and reliability have made the EMM ventilation become the most popular product of AERECO . Along with the acoustic eaves it provides sound insulation of 37 dB.

Humidity sensitive: modulates the airflow according to the relative humidity indoors.
Sound insulation: up to Dn , e, w = 37 dB with accessories.
Easy to maintain : no adjustment, yearly- dusting is sufficient.
working in two positions - vertical and diagonal flow.

Tailored to needs

EMM vent can be used in two positions , depending how the base is screwed. The air flow is directed either vertically or diagonally . The setting depends on the distance of the air inlet to the reveal (too little distance suppresses the free flow of air through the air inlet ).

The option of closing the air inlet manually

EMM ventilation can be equipped with a manual air flow blockage . Half-closed vents allow to bring the minimum amount of air . This option should be used only in unfavorable weather conditions.

Pressure air inlet

VENTAIR II TRDn the pressure ventilator, controlled by differential pressure. It is used to supply constant , right amount of fresh air to the rooms . Automatic control of pressure stabilises airflow performance , protects against excessive air during periods of cold and wind , it allows to implement the concept of controlled ventilation , providing a comfortable and healthy indoor climate with saving energy . They are used in rooms equipped with gravitational ventilation or mechanical ventilation.

Product Description

VENTAIR pressure ventilators are equipped with self- acting flow controller ( which responds to the pressure difference ) , so that the amount of supplied air is constant, independent of weather conditions ( wind, cold ) . Additionally, they allow for a manual adjustment, including the full closing position.

They belong to the group of linear slot vents mounted in the upper horizontal structural profiles of a window. They consist of two elements - air intake mounted on the outside and the regulator mounted on the inside of the window. These elements are connected by a slot made in the profiles of windows for air circulation .

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